Health First is a great gym with a relaxed family-like atmosphere. I have always been an active individual but just have never been comfortable in a large box gym setting. I like that I can go to Health First and enjoy a workout without masses of people working out at the same time. It really is a professional gym, so if you’re tired of working out at one of the large box gyms, I recommend you give Health First a try!
Health First has also has dedicated team of trainers who truly work to customize a program for you, no matter what your fitness goal is or if you have restrictions. I have worked with Michelle Kenik, owner and trainer, for over three years, and she is an outstanding trainer who works around some limitations I have with ease. Finding someone who can work around my limitations isn’t always an easy task, and I truly feel as though all of the trainers know their craft well and go above and beyond for their client. Health First takes the fitness of all of their clients personally, which truly is an asset in today’s world.
I also love the classes they offer. I regularly enjoy the up-tempo spin classes where you can burn a ton of calories in just 45 minutes. Plus, Michelle Kenik always has a great selection of music. I also enjoy the boot camps that they offer on Saturdays.
If you are truly looking for a new fitness experience, I would give Health First Fitness a try. I give it two thumbs up! Michael and Michelle Kenik truly take pride in their gym, and I think that’s what is evident when you work out here.
-Jessica M. Guinn
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 I have been a Health First client for at least 10 years.  The gym has gone through a major metamorphosis in the last 2 years with the new owners, Michael and Michelle Kenik.  The atmosphere in the gym is exciting, never pretentious, and I always have a feeling of encouragement with my personal fitness goals.  All the trainers interact with you and help provide a positive environment to work out in.   In regards to my personal fitness goals, my trainers have put together a program that works for me and my busy schedule.  It is the personal attention to detail and the understanding  and tracking of my goals that makes Health First Fitness so great.    Both Michelle and Michael have been instrumental in putting together a regiment of cardio, strength training, and overall diet plan.  I have had measurable results thanks to both of them.  In fact, my last doctor’s appointment is testament to the results that I have gained through their plan.  My weight was down, my cholesterol was down, my blood pressure was great and my resting heart rate was low.
I would highly recommend Health First Fitness to anyone.  No matter what kind of shape you are in, you can benefit from the attention to detail and the atmosphere.  In addition to personal training, diet counseling and weight management, Health First Fitness offers other programs such as a boot camp, yoga and the highly addictive Spinning class.   Again, I highly recommend Health First Fitness!!!
– Chris Skalet
I have been a member of chain gyms, worked out on my own and finally, Health First Fitness! I joined trainer and owner Michelle Kenik about two years ago when I moved to Knoxville and was looking for someone to continue pushing me in the right direction. I get bored very easily and need someone to keep me challenged. What I love about HFF is the small family-like atmosphere where you are never intimidated and always supported. Every trainer, as well as client, always make you feel welcome,answer any questions from exercise options to eating and encourage you along the way. I have workedout for several years and usually am burnt out 6 months in, but not with HFF and Michelle. I can honestly say I look forward to my twice a week personal training sessions! In addition, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try the spin class, something I would have never thought of doing but since Michelle was teaching it figured I would try it. I was nervous about never having tried it before,and I was in the class with beginners and seasoned spinners alike but just like with the atmosphere in the gym, everyone is supportive and encouraging and I now look forward to spin weekly as well. I have also tried bootcamps which I love and they even have yoga and massage therapy as well. No matter what your level or goal, HFF and its professional and personable staff will make sure you get the results you want. Two years later, I still leave every workout with a smile, feeling healthy and energized and who wouldn’t want that? Give HFF a try and I guarantee you will feel the same!
Crystal Calitri
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